Perpetual Real Estate School of South Carolina has designed a comprehensive teaching program to prepare students for their required examinations and the practice of real estate. We have low cost tuition because our revenue doesn’t go into fancy buildings, guest speaker honorariums, or offsite publishing and printing.

Students appreciate tuition at a lower rate of nearly $150 in comparison to some Upstate, South Carolina Real Estate Schools. Our lower tuition charges allow for students to make a smaller investment when starting their new real estate career while focusing on quickly learning the fundamentals of operating as a real estate professional.

Our school follows the standards set forth by the South Carolina Real Estate Commission and we pride ourselves in having instructors that are not only experienced real estate professionals, but equally have public schools, teaching experience. You are enrolling in a meaningful experience with Perpetual Real Estate School of South Carolina, and you are assured to leave our classes with a holistic understanding of the real estate business.

Register for one of our upcoming Daytime or Evening Courses, located in Greenville. Click Here to enroll now!

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