So you work 9-5 at a corporate call center and you’ve just gotten off the phone with an irrate customer from a contentious customer service, inbound call. Now you’re wondering to yourself, how much longer can I take working here? That’s when your day dreaming sets in and you begin to imagine an ideal career for yourself. Details of that new profession would look a little like this:

  • Create my own schedule
  • Have the ability to make six-figures
  • Network with other career professionals
  • Spend time with my family and friends
  • Vacation, FINALLY!
  • Gain satisfaction and fulfillment from my efforts

Your dream has literally described the possibilities that come from becoming a licensed real estate agent. Charlie Young, the President and CEO of ERA Real Estate says, “The sky is the limit when it comes to working in real estate, so reach for the stars and fully immerse yourself.” When considering a career change, it is imperative to seek out a career that allows your independent spirit to operate at its most optimal level. A career in real estate not only offers you the flexibility and lucrative financial possibilities; likewise, the return on investment is one of the highest in six-figure income professions.

Perpetual Real Estate School of South Carolina (Click Here to Like us on Facebook) is your one-stop option when considering how to become a licensed real estate agent. If you’re located in Greenville, Spartanburg, or Anderson South Carolina, you not only will sit in a conveniently located classroom with qualified, experienced instructors, but you will also love the fact that our tuition costs are the lowest in Upstate, SC.

Ten Signs That You Know You’re Ready for Realty 

  • You want to be your own boss
  • You like marketing yourself and your services
  • You love challenges
  • You thrive in an environment with no ceilings
  • You are entrepreneurial
  • You are well-rounded
  • You possess tenacity and flexibility
  • You are solution oriented
  • You want to fully immerse yourself in your profession
  • You maintain a positive outlook

So, snap out of that day dream and face reality – you are Realty Ready! So, Enroll Today! Perpetual Real Estate School of South Carolina offers both daytime and evening courses throughout Upstate, SC. Whether you’re a first-time student and need to apply for Unit 1 Pre-Licensing or you’ve completed Unit 1 Pre-Licensing and need to complete Unit 2 Advanced Principles, our real estate school is ready serve you. We make learning applicable to the practice of real estate and we take hourly breaks!

Don’t let finances hold you back. Our tuition costs are the lowest amongst realty schools in Greenville, Spartanburg, or Anderson South Carolina. Tuition includes textbook(s) and study manuals. We have additional resources for preparation of state exams and continuing education requirements.

Enroll Today by Clicking Here or Call (864) 219-2697 to speak with our Upstate Real Estate School Representative.

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